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4 Great Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager in Sacramento

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Did you know that over 14 million Americans own one or more rental properties?Investing in rental properties is a sweeter deal than buying a home since you can collect rent on a regular basis and close a huge sale on the property ... read more >>

4 Sacramento Real Estate Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2023

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San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego - these are some of the hottest housing markets in California, so it makes sense that if you're looking at investing in real estate, you would start looking at properties in thes... read more >>

3 Things Landlords Need to Know About Rental Deposit Returns

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Did you know that almost 44% of California residents rent? This makes California the second-largest tenant population in the country behind New York.Since there are a lot of renters in California, landlords are likely to come acro... read more >>

The Pros and Cons of Being an Accidental Landlord

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7 in 10 of all rental units are owned by individual investors. They have almost 14.3 million of the 48.2 million individual units in the US.Most of them are mom-and-pop investors who want to buy and rent out a few properties ... read more >>

Sacramento Real Estate: The Best Areas To Invest In

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As of 2022, the median home value in Sacramento, California, is $475,136. Despite being the state capital, the Sacramento real estate market offers some of California's most reasonable property costs. Moreover, Sacramento'... read more >>

How Much Can You Save by Switching to Solar?

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A recent study found that over 1.4 million US solar panels are in use. Solar panels are known for being environmentally friendly, taxable, and have low maintenance costs. Plus, they have the advantage of saving money, so it&r... read more >>

5 Tips for Real Estate Asset Management

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Sacramento has one of the highest home appreciation rates of over 20% in the first year, making it a great place to invest in real estate. But, once you buy a property you have to know how to manage it. Luckily, you can becom... read more >>
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