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How to Run a Tenant Criminal Background Check

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Did you know that over 70 million Americans have a criminal record?Tenant looks can be deceiving. During your tenant selection, a person may seem mature, responsible, and reliable. But when 1 in 5 Americans have a run-in with the ... read more >>

The Most Common Property Marketing Myths

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Did you know that almost 90% of realtors fail in their first year?In the same report that made these findings, an estimated 79% thought they would make it to two years. It goes without saying that property marketing is tough. How ... read more >>

5 Property Management Mistakes That Landlords Make

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Did you know there are over 48 million individual rental units in the US? The market is currently in a boom and there has never been a better time to lease out your property. But do you know how to get it right?Running a rental bu... read more >>

6 Quick Tips for New Landlords in Sacramento

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Did you know 44.1 million households in America are rentals?The potential for new landlords to find success is high. But without the proper knowledge and tools, you won't be equipped to compete against other landlords and find... read more >>

5 Reasons to Hire a Sacramento Property Management Company

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Are you overwhelmed with your investment properties? Managing even one rental property can take up a lot of time and energy when you factor in marketing, screening, rent collection, maintenance and other key tasks.If you feel like... read more >>

What to Do If a Tenant Refuses to Pay Rent

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When a tenant doesn't pay their rent, it costs you time and money. When you lease your property to a tenant, you do so with the understanding that rent will be paid on time each month and when that doesn't happen, you need... read more >>

A Quick Landlord's Guide to Handling Evictions

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Evictions are never fun. But they are something all landlords face in their time. The goal is to fill your rental properties with the best tenants possible.Sometimes a tenant that looks great on paper can force your hand, and you ... read more >>

4 Tips for a Tenant Background Check in Sacramento, CA

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Being a landlord is difficult enough without worrying about the people you are renting to. Your prospective tenants will do everything it takes to portray themselves as the perfect renter to secure their placement. This means that... read more >>

How to Become a Section 8 Landlord: The Official Guide

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Did you hear the Sacramento housing voucher program was opening up 5,000 slots on their waiting list? If you’re an area landlord, that might have made your ears perk up. How can you get a piece of that potential market?While... read more >>
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