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The Landlord's Guide: How to Collect Rent Effectively

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There are many great benefits to being a landlord, not least the extra income it provides you. While renting a property or properties that you own is a worthwhile endeavor, it does come with several responsibilities such as mainte... read more >>

3 Ways to Conduct Detailed Rental Property Inspections

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Property inspections are not exactly the sexiest part of property management. However, they are extremely important. Maybe that is why so many property owners outsource this work to inspection professionals.In fact, the United Sta... read more >>

The Importance of Rental Property Maintenance

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Rental property is a profitable business. Landlords average $97,000 a year, a large step above the U.S. median of $60,000. A real estate investment trust (REIT) can see a near 11% return on investment (ROI).But rental property mis... read more >>

All About Section 8 Housing Sacramento, CA

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Housing is for everyone! It is right there on the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy.From single units to portions of entire multiple-building complexes, Section 8 assistance can benefit landlords. This component of the US Housing A... read more >>

Top 5 Mistakes Made When Investing in Rental Properties

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There's no question: rental properties are a booming prospect in Sacramento. After all, over one third of Sacramento's households are renters. With that market size, it's clear that you could find a lot of success by i... read more >>

How to Be a Better Landlord

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In the US, there are between 10 to 11 million individual investor landlords. Tenants everywhere would agree that while there are so many landlords to choose from, good ones are far and few.If you're a landlord yourself, this m... read more >>
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