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Is Allowing Pets in Apartments Good for Landlords?

Alexandra Goldthwaite - Tuesday, December 14, 2021
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To allow pets, or not to allow? That is the question. It's a hard one every landlord must face, and there are pros and cons on both sides.

Should landlords allow pets and charge a pet deposit? Should you allow them and hope for the best? Or is a straight-up no the sensible option?

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of allowing pets in apartments.

Pros of Allowing Pets in Apartments

When pondering the question, 'should I allow my tenants to have pets?', consider the kind of tenant you're trying to find.

A model tenant is responsible. They take care of your property and they pay their rent on time. They also stay for a long time, saving you the expense of finding new tenants.

This actually describes a lot of people with pets. You know they're at least reasonably responsible - they've already taken on the responsibility of a pet! And people with pets are often very stable and make great tenants.

If you have concerns about finding the right tenants with pets, tenant screening is the way to go. Working with a professional property management company will help you to find the right tenants with or without pets.

They know the red flags to look out for and will save you a lot of hassle.

Cons of Allowing Pets in Apartments

Landlords and pets tend to be an uneasy combination because landlords worry about potential damage. 

Pets, particularly dogs and cats are notorious for their ability to scratch anything. That includes the very fabric of the house - doorframes, moldings, doors, walls, baseboards - you name it, they'll scratch it.

If you supply the apartment with furniture, this can also be a pet magnet. 

Some animals, particularly dogs, also don't have the greatest bladder control. That can lead to accidents on rugs, sofas, even hardwoods. If they are not attended to quickly, they can leave stains. 

The Verdict on Pets in Apartments

Are you still musing, Should I let my tenants have pets? Time to get down to cold, hard facts. 

Talk to your property management company about the impact in Sacramento of not allowing pets in a rental property. Is it going to exclude a large number of tenants? That's something you need to think about.

What about tenant screening? Can that help you to find good tenants who will keep their pets under control? 

Some landlords choose to charge an additional pet deposit. You'll need to check whether this is legal locally. This could give you an extra buffer to fix any issues caused by pets in apartments.

Also, be aware that service and emotional support animals are not considered pets. They are not covered by any pet clauses in your lease.

Should I Let My Tenants Have Pets?

It's a tricky question, and there isn't one right answer.

That's why local knowledge is so important. In some neighborhoods, not allowing pets in apartments may significantly narrow your tenant pool.

Talk to your Sacramento Home River Group property management experts today. Putting your rental property in the hands of property managers gives you peace of mind. They'll work with you to set the right pet policy and find the best tenants.

Contact us today to arrange property management services for your rental.