Sacramento Property Management


You did very good all the time! thank you very very much! I will let all my friends know that you are good compenly

"I just accessed my online accounts. No problem. I appreciate both the clear owner statement page, as well as the supporting invoices. I will be sending you checks to replenish the reserves. Also, we appreciated the home inspections. My wife has been talking with Alicia to authorize many of the recommended repairs for both houses. I expect the costs of those extensive repairs to exceed reserves. When requested, or when we see the next owner statement, we will cover the cost of the repairs as well as replenish the reserves. My tenants have been very pleased with the maintenance work. And it certainly has relieved me from the hassles of having to deal with contractors."
— Michael

"I am writing to commend the performance of your associates… While we were planning to rent our home for the first time, they took the worries out of a stressful situation. Whether we have a quick question or deep concern, they have always taken the time out to give us the sincere, personal yet professional attention that we desire. The service we receive is priceless."
- M. Daw

"It is no wonder that your company enjoys a fine reputation among local realtors in town. It is with out a doubt attributed to the quality of the staff that makes HomePointe."
— O. Hassoun

"I was very impressed with the improvements that were made."
- B. Sunday

"It has been a fine pleasure working with HomePointe and appreciate all the splendid help and assistance and support used in the maintenance and rental help in managing my two duplexes. You have an excellent company and have helped me out a lot owning the property and managing. Thanks for everything."
- S. Hubbord

"I now have reliable tenants, a rehabilitated property, and am no longer bothered by the fact, I’m very pleased."
— B. Willis

"Thank you for all your hard work and conscientious efforts in managing the property. I will certainly recommend you and your firm to others."
- P. Auld