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Privacy Policy

We at HomeRiver Group respect our visitors' rights to personal privacy. To that end, we collect, use and share information through our website only as disclosed in this Privacy Policy.   This Privacy Policy describes what information we collect, how we collect it, and how and with whom we share it.  This Policy also describes your choices and rights regarding our use, collection or deletion and sharing of your personal information.  This Privacy Policy applies when you use our website and/or our services. 

Please note: this Privacy Policy is intended to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and other applicable law.

What information we collect and how we use it. 

  1. General usage data. You may browse our website anonymously. Any data collected (such as pages accessed, browser type and length of visit) provides usage information only and does not allow us to identify you. Such data is used only in the aggregate to help determine how much the site is accessed and to help improve our site. Our website does use cookies, but they do not collect any personally identifiable data.
  2. Personally identifiable data. Information We Collect:  We collect personally identifiable information about you only if you voluntarily provide it to us when emailing us, using one of our online forms, requesting information via a contact form, or applying for or maintaining rental housing or other service.

    The specific types of data collected include: Name, address, phone number, fax number and email address. If you are applying for a rental or maintaining a rental from us, we also collect, to the extent applicable, other information you voluntarily provide us, including current address, social security number, birth date, drivers’ license and/or passport number, as well as any bank or credit account numbers or other identifiers that you provide.  

We also collect employment information you provide, company and property name, along with necessary information concerning your application or maintenance of your rental. 

We maintain all correspondence we have with you, from your initial contact with us, throughout your tenancy with us.  If you do not end up renting from us, we may maintain your application and application information for future reference, in case you reapply for residency later on.  Such additional information may or may not identify you personally.

How We Use Your Information.  All information collected is used to communicate with you, to respond to your inquiries, to determine whether you qualify to rent our properties or to provide services to you if you do rent with us.

We share your personally identifiable information with other organizations for commercial purposes. We use third party companies to help us investigate the information you provide us, including financial and background checks and verifications.

If you are a tenant, we may share your name, address, phone number and email address with vendors, including repair personnel and others, to enable them to contact you to provide you with their services.

We have instructed all third parties with whom we share your information that they are not to sell, share or disseminate your information to others.

As set forth above, we have shared consumers’ information with third parties over the last 12 months. We have not shared, sold or transmitted personal information of minors under 18 years of age without affirmative authorization.

For more information, please see our Notice of Collection of Personal Information, found on our website or linked here. For a downloaded version here.

Right to Know About Personal Information.  You have the right to request a list of your personal information that we collect, use, disclose, or sell. To make a request, simply go to “Personal Information Portal” on our website and complete the Request for Information form. here. For a downloaded version click here. 

If you make a request for Personal Information, we will provide you with a list of the personal information that was collected from you within the preceding 12 months. We will also provide you with the sources from which personal information was collected, the business purpose for which it was collected, the categories of third parties to whom your personal information was sold or disclosed and the business or commercial purpose for which it was sold or disclosed. 

The CCPA and the Regulations that govern it prohibit us from disclosing information about you that creates a substantial, articulable, and unreasonable risk to the security of your personal information, your account with us, or the security of our systems or networks. We will not disclose your Social Security number, driver’s license number or other government-issued identification number, financial account number, any health insurance or medical identification number, an account password, or security questions and answers. 

Requesting Personal Information.  You can request personal information by completing the Request for Information Form found on our website or linked here. For a downloaded version click here.

If you do not have access to the internet, please call us at 916-429-1205 and request a copy of the Request for Information Form. We will mail you the Form which you can then fill out and return to us at the following address:

Request for Information:

HomeRiver Group Sacramento
1321 Howe Ave # 101
Sacramento, CA 95825

Right to Request That We Delete Your Personal Information.  You have a right to request that the personal information that we collected about you be deleted.   We will delete your personal information upon your submission of a verified request, as identified below.

We will not delete your personal information if you are a current resident, have been a resident with us at any time in the past 4 years, or if have some other continuing relationship with us.  We need to maintain your Personal Information under these circumstances so that we can continue to provide our services to you, to continue the business relationship we have with you, or respond to any questions regarding your residency, from you or from any other authorized person or entity.

There are other circumstances under which we will not be able to comply with your request. According to the CCPA, we do not have to delete your information if it is necessary for us to maintain your personal information in order to:

  1. Complete the transaction for which the personal information was provided, or if you have a continuing business relationship with us and the information may be needed in the future.
  2. Detect security issues, including fraudulent activity.
  3. Debug to identify and repair errors that impair existing intended functionality.
  4. Exercise free speech, allow another consumer to exercise free speech, or exercise any other right provided by law.
  5. If the information is subject to a warrant or other criminal investigation.
  6. If the information is being used for scientific, historical or statistical research and is otherwise protected from disclosure.
  7. Otherwise use the personal information which is compatible with the context in which you provided the information.

Likewise, we are not required to retain – or return or delete – personal information collected for a single, one-time transaction, if the information is not sold or retained by us or used to reidentify you in some future transaction.

If we determine that deleting your information would be inappropriate for any reason, we will let you know, and also let you know the reason for our decision.  

Request to Delete Information.  To make a request for us to delete your information, complete the Request to Delete Information form on our website or visit this link here. For a downloaded version click here.  

If you do not have access to the internet, please call us at 916-429-1205 and request a copy of the Request for Information Form. We will mail you the Form which you can then fill out and return to us at the following address:

Delete My Information:

HomeRiver Group Sacramento
1321 Howe Ave # 101
Sacramento, CA 95825

Non-Discrimination for the Exercise of a Consumer’s Privacy Right. We will not discriminate against you for exercising any right you have under the CCPA. We will not take any adverse action against you if you request information from us, request that your information be deleted. You have the right to exercise your privacy rights conferred by the CCPA without any discriminatory treatment against you for the exercise of such right.

Verification of Requests.  If you make any request to us under the CCPA, we are required to verify that you are the source of the request.  We will do that by asking that you input your user name and password (if you have one), or by providing your name, address, email address and phone number.  

If someone is making the request on your behalf, that person will have to demonstrate that they are your authorized agent, by providing their full legal name, a government-issued identification to verify the identity of your authorized agent, and proof of the source of your authorized agent’s authority (e.g., Power of Attorney, conservatorship, your written instruction, etc.). 

Other than the information you provided us on your lease and application. We do not sell [or maintain] the personal information of individuals under 16 years of age.

Changing personally identifiable information. You may change the personally identifiable information collected at any time by emailing the changes to or by calling our offices at 916-429-1205.

Changes to this Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy. Any revisions will be posted on this web site. Your continued use of this web site will be subject to the then-current privacy policy.

Links. We have provided links to other third-party web sites for your convenience. Be aware that by choosing to visit any of those sites, your activities on such third-party websites will be governed by that site's privacy policy, not ours.

Effective Date. This Privacy Policy is effective April 20th, 2020.