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HomeRiver Group Sacramento Update 6/28/18

Alexandra Goldthwaite - Thursday, June 28, 2018
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To all of our valued clients:  

Our new office location at 1321 Howe Avenue, Suite 101, Sacramento, CA  95825 is fully operational thanks to hard work by our staff.  It became immediately noticeable that our smaller offices in Roseville and Orangevale are not as necessary as they had been in the past.  We have decided to consolidate those two offices in our Howe and South Land Park Offices in June.  We therefore will have just two large offices which will help us be more efficient moving forward.  All phone numbers are the same.
HomeMarket:  Our vacancy rate has lowered to 1.75% as of May 31, 2018,  down from 2.6% a month ago.  If your vacancy is not renting quickly you should take the advice of your property manager.  Sacramento rents are not as high as the bay area.
HomeSale:  We can help you buy or sell. Contact us and our in house sales agent, Gary McGraw will evaluate your situation.  You can contact Gary directly at 916-920-0561 x 106.  If Gary cannot help you, we have many local agents we can refer you to.  
HomeSafety:  With vacations on the horizon, some travel tips are in order.  First, be sure to have a copy of your driver’s license,  passport, and credit cards at home and a photocopy of all in your phone.  This is especially important when traveling abroad.  It is a good idea to separate your money into two or three locations.  Wearing a money belt is good idea, put most of your money and valuable documents there.   Safe travels!
HomeManage:  Question: What is the best long term thing I can do to achieve the highest return on my investment? 

Answer:  First make sure to inspect your unit, or have us inspect it, on an annual basis.  Have the items that are suggested repaired, especially anything associated with water.  Leaking, caulking, windows, roofs, and gutters are all critical items to address as soon as you become aware of an issue.  Keep in mind that the return on your investment is based on both your annual net income and the amount you obtain upon sale.  By keeping your unit in good repair, you may reduce your current net income and return, but you will increase your overall return when you net a high amount in a sale. 
Thanks for your business!

Robert Machado, Broker 916-429-1205 Ext 105

Ann Ford, General Mgr 916-429-1205 Ext 113

Kathy Carranco, Office Mgr and 1099's 916-429-1205 Ext 114

Alex Goldthwaite, Broker Associate 916-429-1205 x 121 & 916-920-0561

Mike Challberg, Property Manager (95) 916-920-0561 x 195

Shelby Challberg, Property Manager (40&45)  916-920-0561 x 140

Cheryl Colburn, Property Mgr (50) 916-429-1205 x 150

Shawn Collins, Assistant General Mgr (85&90) 916-429-1205 x 190

Denise McCoy Property Mgr (80) 916-429-1205 x 180

Jason Pickens, Property Mgr (75) 916-920-0561 x 175

Shannon Reece, Property Mgr (85&90)  916-429-1205 x 170

Eileen Stearman, Property Mgr (60) 916-429-1205 x 160

Michelle Wight, Property Mgr (65) 916-920-0561 x 165

Scott Edwards, RAM Property Services GM 916-429-1305 x 149

Gary McGraw, Sales Associate.  916-920-0561 x 106.