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Market Update for 2nd Quarter of 2020 - Home River Group Sacramento

Alexandra Goldthwaite - Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Hello, I'm Alex Goldthwaite with Home River Group Property Management. We're an integrated national platform. And I'm here in Sacramento, California, got a map of Sacramento behind me. And I wanted to give you a quick market update for the second quarter of 2020. We're still on shelter in place here. Things are starting to open up into phase two. And there's lots of things to consider when you're thinking about the rental market update. The unemployment rate in Sacramento County has reached over 14 percent. Internally, our vacancy rate has dropped a full point since up shelter in place began it down to 4 percent. But our activity on our vacancies still remains very strong. And we're renting out places in less than 30 days. And at Home River were members of NARPM, which is the National Association of Residential Property Managers, and they recently conducted a survey for the single family rental market and the professional property management companies, 60 percent said that they had over 90 percent of tenants paying on time. And internally at Home River, every group we have less than 3 percent of our tenants on payment plans. So collections is actually still remains strong. And we have created a seamless, interactive platform for our tenants to request payment plans and work with them during these challenging times and also communicating heavily with our investor clients, making sure that all of their concerns are addressed and following CDC guidelines all the way around. So I hope that you are staying safe out there. And if you need any help in the real estate sector, specifically in property management, we do management maintenance, brokerage renovations and acquisitions so we can help you for the entire lifecycle of your investment. So you can visit us here locally at Thank you for watching.  

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