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Leasing, Advertising, and Applications with HomeRiver Group

Alexandra Goldthwaite - Friday, November 23, 2018

HomeRiver Group is one of the largest property management companies in the United States. We have a broad national position, enabling us to provide our clients with a unique base of local experts and national operations.

Today, we’re talking about the leasing process, specifically how we advertise your property and screen applications from potential tenants.

Leasing Your Sacramento Rental Property

One of the many services we provide at HomeRiver Group is leasing. This includes a full evaluation and market analysis of your property. We can determine supply and demand in the market and look at all the competitors in the market and get an idea of what they are asking for rent so we can compare. This will give us the ability to do a proper evaluation so we know what you should start your rent at. We will also look at the amenities from property to property to help determine the price as well.

Advertising Your Sacramento Rental Property

HomeRiver Group also advertises on over 50 rental websites. We create content for your property that will reach potential tenants all over the internet. We can also use yard signs that contain a number so potential tenants can call or text to get easy access to information about the property.

Responding to leads 24 hours a day is crucial. Whether they come in by phone or email or text, we respond immediately, gather some initial information from the prospective tenant, and provide all the information they need about seeing the property.

Pre Screening and Follow-Up

We also are able to set up pre-screening questions. We can talk about property-specific things, such as whether pets are accepted and when it’s available for move-in. Then, we’ll show the property either with an agent or with a self-showing lockbox. This means the property can be shown at the convenience of the applicant.

Follow-up questions are essential after every showing. This allows us to get feedback from the tenants on whether there was something about the property they did or didn’t like or how they felt about the price and amenities. We can get a full report on how much activity and how many phone calls are coming from your listing. This helps us evaluate our pricing strategy so we can get a qualified tenant into the property as quickly as possible.

Collecting and Screening Applications

The application process is critical to a positive cash flow. We have policies and procedures in place to receive applications in our Sacramento office or online. With those policies and procedures in mind, we make sure that we treat every applicant the same and stay in compliance with local and federal laws.

Our screening process always includes a credit check as well as income and employment verification. We obtain rental references or evidence of prior property ownership. Normally, we like to see at least two years of favorable rental history, and we normally expect tenants to earn at least three times the monthly rent. Normally, when we check credit, we’re looking for an 80% positive credit history. We can customize qualifications for your properties when that makes sense. This is all done to make sure we have a good and qualified person taking care of your property. We have a very sophisticated team in-house that processes all our applications.

houseIf you have any questions about leasing your Sacramento rental home, please contact us at HomeRiver Group Sacramento.