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Maintenance Only Basic Mgmt Classic Mgmt
Single Family/Condo $55/mo $105/mo/min $120/mo/min
Duplex $95/mo $185/mo $185/mo
3‐ 15 Units $40/mo $72/unit n/a
Leasing Fee n/a 50% one mo
50% one mo
(no more than once per year and only when a new tenant is placed)
16+ Units and Commercial 4 - 8% of collections with agreed minimum
Set up fee None None None
Advertising Multiple Websites n/a $99/mo $99/mo
Report & Funds Distributions n/a 10/20/30
(You pick the date)
(You pick the date)
Owner Portal/Reports/Invoices Included Included Included
Utility/Tax/Insurance Payments Included n/a Yes Yes
Resident Billed for Utilities
(tenants pay water/sewer/garbage)
n/a $15/mo Included
3-Day Notice Served Included n/a Yes Yes
Heat & AC Filter program Tenant Pays Tenant Pays Tenant Pays
Evictions Incl Court Appearance n/a Attorney Fee Attorney Fee
Pet Rent Income to Owner!
(tenant pays you for each pet)
n/a $50/mo/pet

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